Charles Gaby, MA, LPC



   Maybe your wondering about the dandelions that seem

   to be everywhere on my site?  What is the meaning of

   this?  Life is all about change. 

  We can deal with those changes by hiding, running,

  fighting, avoiding, etc... but it seems like a better choice

  might be to let change be an opportunity for growth.

  Every moment we run into criticism, failure, heartache or

  loss we get a kick in the ego.  We get broken.  It is only

  avoidable through self- deception and that doesn't lead

  us where we really want to go.  But most of us have

  learned through the years to defend against the breaking. 

  But what if the breaking is the only way to grow?  And

  what if the same thing were true, not only for individuals

  but for organizations and institutions?

  So I invite you to join me on a journey I call BREAKING BETTER.